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Shenzhen Hangalaxy Technology Co., Ltd


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Dostać Kabel światłowodowy MPO MTP & Wstępnie zakończony kabel światłowodowy Teraz!

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Jako profesjonalny producent tworzący produkt do połączeń światłowodowych, mamy głównie kable MPO MTP i kabel patch, HDMI AOC, DVI AOC, DP AOC.


Każdego dnia dostarczamy rozwiązania audiowizualne, które inspirują, informują, angażują i wspierają ludzi na całym świecie


Aktywne kable optyczne Hangalaxy (AOC) stanowią kompleksowe, łatwe w instalacji i bardzo niezawodne rozwiązanie do instalacji Pro AV.

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Hangalaxy posiada ogółem ponad 750 pracowników, ponad 95% z nich ma wykształcenie wyższe, co stanowi nasz silny zespół w dziedzinie badań i rozwoju.

QSFP+ Copper Cable Assemblies

Hangalaxy QSFP+ Copper Cable assemblies were developed for high-density applications, offering a costeffective, low-power option for high-speed data center interconnects. The QSFP+ form factor can replace up to four standard SFP+ connections, providing greater density and reduced system cost. The direct-attach assemblies support emerging 40Gb/s applications and are available in standard lengths up to 5 meters with longer custom lengths available.

MTP MPO Patch Cables Workshop

The MPO Plug ‘n’ Play system is the perfect solution for today's optical fibre installations, designed to enable a fibre network to be installed and commissioned in the shortest possible time. An MPO installation does not require specialist engineers or special tools as each component of the HANGALAXY MPO system is packed with a certificate showing it’s performance at the time of manufacture. This enables the installer to be sure the system will function from the moment the final part of the system is conne

CWDM DWDM Module Workshop

Coarse Wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM) is a wavelength multiplexing technology for the fiber access networks. Data transmission is realized by using max 18 channels CWDM with wavelengths between 1270nm and 1610nm. CWDM Mux/Demux module provides low insertion loss,high channel isolation, wide passing band, low-temperature sensitive and epoxy free optical path.

SFP Optical Transceivers Workshop

Every transceiver is individually tested on a full range of Cisco equipment and passed the monitoring of Hangalaxy's intelligent quality control system. QSFP+ transceiver modules are designed for use in 40Gigabit per second links over multimode fiber. They are compliant with the QSFP+ MSA and IEEE802.3ba 40GBASE-SR4 and breakout to 4 10GBASE-SR. Digital diagnostics functions are available via an I2C interface, including Tx and Rx power monitoring. The optical transceiver is compliant per the RoHS Directive

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Stwórz swój niezawodny chiński dostawca łączności światłowodowej


Shenzhen Hangalaxy Technology Co., Ltd


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